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CRMzone is a consulting company, specializing in Zoho's products with a focus on implementation, adaptation, advice, training, and facilitation in process optimization. Read more about how to get started with Zoho here.

We help companies to increase their sales, and service and develop good work routines. 

Our consultants are trained in Zoho's products and specialize in CRM to ensure a smooth process. We can advise for the best CRM solution.

Our consultants are trained in Zoho's products and, among other things, specialize in CRM, and are trained to ensure a smooth work process.

Since we are a Zoho Alliance Partner, we only use Zoho suite web-based products.


Zoho Desk

E-Komplet got Ticket system and sales management! We have never regretted that, and today we use many of Zoho's other solutions and also still use Charlotte as our consultant.


Zoho CRM

CRMzone enabled TPO Group to get an overview across relationships with ease!
At CRMzone, we specialize in the customer database system Zoho CRM, and today we advise a number of customers on how their companies can get the most out of Zoho CRM.


Many years of experience

Since 2011, we have built up useful methods and workflows that ensure flexible implementation and precise guidance. We want to be the reliable partner for big and small needs.

Our methods meet the wishes and requirements for workflows, more than what an app can offer. It is our clear conviction that it is the need that must be focused on.

With good developers behind us, project managers and on-boarding employees, we are able to adapt a solution based on the need. So if you just have some simple questions or if you want a partner who can take care of a CRM setup, we are available.

Partner summit

Charlotte Buhl at the partner summit at ZOHO's head office in Chennai, India

authorized zoho one partner

Zoho Alliance Partner

Som officiel Zoho Alliance Partner i Danmark ser vi det som en enestående mulighed, at kunne tilbyde værktøjer der er professionelle, lette at tilpasse og ikke mindst de billigste på markedet! 

We can provide complete implementation to ensure that you and your company benefit from the wide range of Zoho products available to delight your customers. 

With our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, you gain complete insight to your customers, ultimately enabling your company to offer better and more personalized service to each one.

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Zoho European Partners

We are part of the European expert group zAlliance

CRMzone is part of Zalliance.
A European network of Certified Zoho Partners.
Together we achieve results across borders.

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