The Customer data will sync between e-conomic and Zoho CRM

With an integration to e-conomic, you get synchronized information on your customers. In other words, in the future, you will only have to update the information in one place. 

Let the Sales team convert the Order to and Invoice

Products and prices are synchronized directly from e-conomic to Zoho CRM. This means that the sales team can create correct quotes and orders from the start (with the right prices and products) and why not let the salesperson convert these into invoices? With an integration to e-conomic, you and your salespeople can create the invoices directly in CRM.

Has the Invoice been paid?

You can see this information directly in Zoho CRM. See the customer's payment terms and whether the invoice has been paid or is due. 

Your products and prices are updated in one place

Create and update your products and prices in e-conomic and get these into Zoho CRM. This avoids that the prices are wrong and that the sellers are missing a certain product. 

The integration that makes life easier for you - and your salespeople!

Save time and money (and double work)

With the integration (Annual DKK 11.400,-) the collaboration with bookkeeping and sales becomes more fluid and no one has to do the work for the second time.

Synchronize customer information

Instead of having to correct customer information in several places, you can now only correct one place.

View invoice and payment status in CRM

Sales can now both see the invoice that the customer has received, but also see if it has been paid.

Create the Invoice directly in CRM

When the salespeople are ready with an order, this can easily be made into an invoice directly in Zoho CRM.

How to implement the integration

Free demo of the integration and its possibilities
Book a free demo and learn more about how the integration takes place and what will be synchronized when.
This is where we gain insight into your specific needs and you can explain features that are important for your setup.
Examination of the setup you have today
We start by examining what fields you have today and what your needs are. We gain insight into how your invoice flow is today and how you use e-conomic and CRM.
Reconciliation and migration of data and products
Your current data must be linked between e-conomic and CRM. We help with this, regardless of whether it is a new setup or whether it is existing. This ensures that you get off to a good start and, among other things, that your products and prices match.
The integration activates and your data is synchronized.
Train users
It is always good to train employees in new initiatives and give them knowledge about what is now possible.

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