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Mesterskud works with a large number of changing freelance photographers and hence needs a good planning tool to handle daily communication and the exchange of best practices. Mesterskud used e-mails and telephone to handle this.

For a very intense performance period (production and execution season is less than 4 months), Mesterskud has to maintain a close relationship with school contacts and also with the end customer (the parent) and with good communication. Without a system to handle tasks and secure data on customers and contracts, Mesterskud was looking for a better CRM solution to automate standard tasks and procedures. Mesterskud used Insightly before and was unable to adapt the system based on their needs.

The need at Mesterskud

  • Need for a better platform for internal and external communication and to store standard procedures and guidelines
  • Sharing of CRM data and control of sales results and contracts
  • A better way to ensure task overview and automated alarms
  • A Gantt view of tasks and activities for an overview

Mesterskud needed good planning and a tool to handle daily communication 

The solution

A platform on Zoho Apps, ready to start immediately, and in the long term to be able to develop and build on.

With Zoho CRM , Mesterskud can now control all relationships. All standard tasks are predefined and automated, contracts are registered and they can be measured on all sales efforts and results. With user-defined functions in Zoho CRM, they are now able to send precise and correct data to other systems in production, which, among other things, start other system processes or secure warnings in case of delays.

In addition, Mesterskud has integrated Zoho CRM with Smartsheet and replaced the manual board with a live Gantt chart.

With Zoho Connect, Mesterskud has got the right tool to ensure communication. All freelance photographers are connected on the same platform and able to exchange ideas and best practices. In addition, it is easy for Mesterksud to tailor forms on the platform, which for example ensures reporting of photo sessions.

The result

  • Communication with the many photographers is easily accessible and reporting ensures quality
  • The customer's data is now correct and the sales team can now filter results across segments and contracts
  • The task list is now visible with deadlines and assigned responsibilities

With Zoho Connect, Mesterskud has got the right tool to ensure communication. 

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