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CRMzone is a Danish consultancy and knowledge house. Based on the Zoho Platform, we deal with all aspects of process optimization and implementation, including training and development.
We are the experts where companies can source knowledge and manpower.

Since 2011, we have built up useful methods and workflows that ensure flexible implementation and precise guidance. We want to be a reliable partner for big and small business needs.
Our methods meet the wishes and requirements for workflows, more than what an app can offer. It is our clear conviction that it is the need that must be focused on.

With good developers behind us, project managers, and onboarding employees, we are able to adapt a solution based on the need. So if you just have some simple questions or if you want a partner who can take care of a CRM setup, we are available.


Vejledning i beslutningsfasen crmzone zoho

When you have to change systems or have a new one, there are many important things to take into account.

We have been involved many times, both on the sidelines and as those who take the entire process from start to finish.

We can offer both parts, and therefore also if we have to be involved as an adviser. We can quickly give good tips on "Do's and Don't" so you can get started. Or move on smartly.


Zoho Advanced Partner Danmark

We are Zoho Advanced Partner Denmark. We can therefore offer sign-up for Zoho Apps licenses. Whether it is Zoho CRM, Zoho One, or Zoho Desk, we can help. We can also help you decide which product or package solution best suits your needs.

Setup and implementation​

Setup og implementering​ med crmzone zoho

When the decision has been made, and you need to start with your new system, we can help you with adaptation, setup, custom functions, workflows, etc.

There is almost no industry or area that we have not done on the Zoho platform. Our many years of experience can help you get off to a good start and finish.

We often experience that during a workshop, colleagues find new methods to achieve the goals that ensure profitability in the company. A workshop with a focus on sales processes can be an important part of the process in changing the way the focus is placed.

Training and support

Superbruger og administrator træning crmzone zoho

If you are gathering a group that needs training, an insight into Zoho products, or simply want someone who can facilitate a review of your sales processes, we are available.

It is of great value that all employees who have to use a system are well trained for this. We offer both on-site and online training and also from basic to in-depth specially adapted admin training.

If you want Danish support that is competent and at the same time gives advice, then we are the ones you need to get hold of. 


integration med zoho og e-conomic

Zoho CRM and e-conomic integration. We have made integrations for e-conomic for many years. It is one of the most requested. If you want to hear more, contact us below and we will arrange a demo.

We also offer other integrations, from completely handmade to more standardized solutions.
With our developers, we can offer competent and elegant development.

Development tasks

crmzone laver udviklingsopgaver med zoho

Shall we build a portal for your Partners or Agents? Do you need an App for one of your customer segments? Or should you have a BOT on your website that sends information directly into your Zoho CRM or Zoho Desk system? Then we can help with that.

With our developers, we can offer everything from minor adjustments to major development projects.

Refer to Zoho License Terms for all license related matters.
As a Zoho partner, we provide an invoicing service, all terms of the agreement, price, and conditions are according to the Zoho License Terms. 

See general terms of agreement from CRMzone

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