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We have a team of experts available to answer your questions. We assign an Onboarding consultant to learn about your business and explain how Zoho One can fit into your workday. Think of us as your business consultant.

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We will not pressure you to sign up or sell you an expensive product. We will listen to your business needs and check if Zoho One is the most suitable solution for your business.

And the best part of the service? It is 100% free to have a demo review.

I knew about Zoho and their Zoho One solution, and when you are a one-person company, like mine, I couldn't say no to a One solution as it was clear to me that it was a cheap solution.

Frequently asked questions

With hundreds of applications to choose from and vendors hiding their prices, choosing the right software is hard work. We act as consultants who can help you navigate the complexities of choosing software. Our team takes the time to understand your goals and suggest which software will work best for you. Our job is not to sell you a solution, but to find the right solution based on your needs.

The more information you can provide about your business processes, the better our consultant will be able to help you. E.g. If you want to improve your sales process, tell us where you have problems right now: is your current system bad at managing your activities? Is it difficult to follow up?

If you work in a larger company, choosing software often involves people from multiple departments agreeing on a decision. Try to plan to bring others along for the review, or try to find out about their requirements and wishes ahead of time if they are not available.

When we do a review, we can focus on several things and one of them is how to move forward. We can give you advice and guidance on this and we can also help build the solution together with you.

You can get an insight into both parts with a review

Paid annually

All employees

37 /user/month/paid annually

Flexible users

90 /user/month/paid annually

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