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The most comprehensive way to manage projects

Leaders and teams come in all varieties. Some thrive on reports and data, others like to discuss and engage, while many require minute precision. However your team likes to work, give them the opportunity.

I started small with Zoho Projects, which became my entire time registration platform and thereby also my overview of tasks and hours for invoicing – i.e. the cornerstone of my company.

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Zoho Project's user interface and default setup are easy to navigate. But if you want a safe hand to guide you through the first set-up, then you should contact us. With us on the side, you can decide for yourself and we can help to carry it out. Get a certified expert to help, and you'll be flying from the start.

Plan projects with ease

Milestones, to-do lists, and tasks help you organize complex projects into manageable units. Gain more refined control by creating blueprints that automate your task's workflow.

Seamless collaboration

Project management is now social. Employees, clients, suppliers, or consultants from near or far can work together with our collaboration tools.

Keep track of time

Anyone working on a project can easily record their billable and non-billable hours using timesheets. The built-in integration with Zoho Invoice automatically generates invoices from timesheets.

Time sheets

The time each member of your team spends on tasks is logged here. It is important to be accurate with invoicing, keep track of the pace of the project and also to identify bottlenecks and resolve them quickly.

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