Zoho One

Time registration and task overview

"I knew about Zoho and their Zoho One solution and when you are a one-person company, like mine, I couldn't say no to a One solution as it was clear to me that it was a cheap solution.

I started small with Zoho Projects, which became my entire time registration platform and thereby also my overview of tasks and hours for invoicing – i.e. the cornerstone of my company.

I used Zoho Social to plan posts on various social media and keep an overview of the activities on social media. I also used SalesIQ from the start as a chat function on my website.

As the company grew and I got more control over the internal processes, Zoho Bookings was put into use. Here, existing, as well as new, customers can book appointments directly in my calendar. In addition, I replaced all forms on the website with Zoho Form, so completed forms landed directly in my Zoho CRM.”

Rebekka Hviid, Marketing Consultant

The problem needed systems for internal processes and marketing programs. The most important system was a system for time recording and project management.

Zoho CRM

Rebekka did not actively use Zoho CRM, to begin with, but as the company grew and more and more customers came, Zoho CRM became the focal point for the integration between all Zoho applications.

Can you really do without the office suite?

"One day I got tired of the office suite and discovered that Zoho has applications such as Writer, Sheet, Show, and Zoho Mail. So I canceled the office package and moved my email to Zoho Mail – one of the decisions I love the most! With Zoho Mail, I can easily and directly from the mail system, create leads, contacts, new tasks, online meetings, and much more. It gives me shortcuts that save me a lot of time.”

Newsletters and online courses

"Newsletter sending - of course, Zoho also has applications for that. They have Campaigns, which is a fairly common newsletter system such as MailChimp, but they also have marketing automation, where you can create really good flows and attract new customers via campaigns, so when I finally got there in my business, it wasn't a new system I had to look for, but just content for my newsletters.”

“I was in the same situation when I had to publish an online course and membership. For several years I had said "Zoho can do it all" and I was not disappointed here either. TrainerCentral in my opinion is a strong competitor to Simplero. In TrainerCentral you can create several courses and thereby several modules. You can make free access, monthly payments, single payments, and custom payments. In addition, you can hold live sessions for your members directly in the systems. You can record those sessions and choose to make them automatically available to members. In addition, you can create a chat forum and choose that individual modules should only be available after a period of time.”

The result

“The only system I have, besides Zoho, is an image editor – otherwise Zoho covers all my business needs and more.”

Rebekka Hviid, Marketing Consultant

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